WordPress Pitfalls for Newbies – Plugins Problems

I came across this interesting article about some of the pitfalls that a new WordPress user encountered:

When a friend of mine asked for suggestions on what he should use to create a new site, I suggested WordPress. It is well supported, has an amazing community, and a ton of free themes and plugins to choose from. After getting WordPress installed on a new webhosting account, I left him be to see what issues he would run into and how he would configure the site.

After noticing the site was loading slowly three weeks later, I obtained admin access to try to determine what the problem was. The first thing I did was check which plugins he installed. …

Source: How Do You Educate People New to WordPress? – WordPress Tavern

This new user was installing a bunch of plugins that duplicated existing functionality in WordPress. Using these plugins not only slowed down the site, but made site management a nightmare.

Successfully navigating the broad landscape of plugins available for WordPress is not an easy task. With over 48,000 plugins as of this writing, with the number growing daily, how does one choose plugins that don’t cause problems?

The answer is “very carefully”. While you may wince at this oft used quip, it really is accurate in the case of WordPress plugins. One of the main benefits of using WP Thunder for your WordPress hosting is that we handle the selection of plugins for you.

Other WordPress Multisite hosting services solve the plugin selection problem by severely limiting your plugin choices. At WP Thunder, we try not to do that. Instead, we are continually on the lookout for plugins to solve the problem that our users need. We do that without introducing plugin incompatibility or extra complexity.

A broad selection of anything is one of the great blessings of a free market. It can however lead to choice overload. We carefully curate the choice of plugins to save you from that burden. We also do it without imposing undue constraints.

In a nutshell, we try to make the selection of available plugins friendly for all users, while not being limited either. What you get is an ample choice of plugins without the risks of breaking your site.

It is common knowledge among WordPress developers that poor plugin choices are the cause of many, if not most of the problems with WordPress based websites. While this article may seem like a shameless pitch for our services, we are not ashamed of the many advantages that we offer over other WordPress hosting services.

Give us a try today. Basic hosting is free, and you can upgrade or downgrade at anytime.