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Are you tired of getting comment spam?

You need spam protection. Comment spam is probably one of the worst headache’s for blog owners. Do you find yourself closing comments to your posts just to help deal with it? There are many techniques webmaster’s use to try to prevent comment spam – CAPTCHA, Akismet, and of course, ending the comment period.

None of these solutions work very well. CAPTCHAs alienate users and prevent them from commenting. Akismet works okay, but still lets a lot of spam through. Ending the comment period, renders your post dead. It cuts off any further discussion. There is a better way.

We provide a sure-fire protection against 100% of spam bots. That’s right – 100%. The way it works is a software device called a bot trap. It lures in bot traps and captures them. They never even know they are caught, so they can never build resistance by learning what caught them. It is safe, effective and poses no burden on your visitors. It works on both comment and contact forms.

Once added, you can kiss spam goodbye. Won’t that be nice?


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