WordPress Installation


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WordPress is a complicated program, and installation usually requires a fair amount of IT expertise. As a result, many popular hosting services provide one-click installers for WordPress. Problem solved right?

Wrong. Vanilla WordPress needs plugins to do many common tasks. Which ones will you choose? How will you know which ones work together and are compatible?

There are other considerations as well? Will your site be secure from hackers? What about automatic attacks by bots running around on the internet? What about spam? Are you prepared to inundated by spam comments?

We can solve all these problems for you, even if you already have installed WordPress. Here is what we offer to do:

  • Install the latest WordPress software (if needed)
  • Configure admin and other user access for better security
  • Configure security measures to prevent most attacks
  • Install and configure spam protection
  • Install our carefully curated set of plugins to meet most needs

You really can’t get a better package for WordPress anywhere, unless of course you sign up for a WP Thunder account. With a WP Thunder account, you have all these same benefits for a low cost – lower than most DIY hosting services, yet professionally managed by the WordPress experts.

Either way, you really need a professionally setup WordPress account. Why settle for anything less?