Protect Your Site From Attackers

Are you concerned about the security of your website? You should be. We provide WordPress security enhancements to protect your site against both attacks and spam bots.


According to Forbes, 30,000 new websites are hacked each day worldwide. While this number may sound fantastic, this metric is obtained by counting the number of new websites that are being used to distribute malicious code. All modern websites are vulnerable to attack and WordPress sites no matter how small are no exception. The web is infested with software robots who troll the internet, seeking out any websites that are vulnerable. How secure is your website? Do you have a plan for recovery if the worst happens?

We are WordPress security experts. We can examine your website for vulnerabilities and eliminate them. Then we install the software needed to protect your site against future attack vectors. See More Info »


Spam Protection

Comment spam and e-mail spam from contact forms is the bane of every website owner. The solutions usually take one of two forms – steps a user must take or a cloud-based filtering technique. The first type is usually particularly onerous – it ranges from Google’s new checkbox “I am not a robot” to the especially scorned CAPTCHAs. The second type most often utilized by WordPress sites is Akismet.

Neither of these approaches are very good. The first type is frustrating to the user, and often prevents a user from successfully maneuvering the CAPTCHA. The second type, while being user-friendly, requires a WordPress account, and is not especially effective. While it may filter out the majority of comment spam, it still lets an appreciable amount through.

There is a better way. We provide 100% robot-based spam protection on all our websites through a software device called a bot-trap. The idea is to lure the spam bot into a trap. Not only does the trap work everytime, but the real beauty is the fact that the bot never realizes it is trapped, thus preventing future  resistance.

We provide this spam-bot protection on both comment and contact forms. It is simple, effective, and does not require an account. Neither you, your users, nor spam bots will be aware of its existence. It just works silently in the background. See More Info »


WordPress Configuration

We offer full WordPress configuration and installation (if needed). While WordPress is a very capable platform, this versatility also makes it complex and vulnerable to attacks. We take the hassle out of this process. We provide expert installation, configuration and security enhancements. In addition to combining both the Spam Protection and Security Hardening services, we also provide the installation of carefully curated set of plugins to meet most if not all of your needs. See More Info »