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Here at WP Thunder, we offer the very best in WordPress hosting. Choosing a host is one of the most important decisions you must make when creating a new website. What we offer is a carefully curated and managed experience using WordPress Multisite. WordPress Multisite permits us to offer the most reliable, fast, secure, easy to use hosting possible. We manage everything to provide the very best hosting experience possible, without compromising speed, security or flexibility.

We offer all that and more at a lower cost than possible for anything else comparable. Read on for some of the advantages we offer:

Content Management

A Content Management System (CMS) is a software package installed on the same server which hosts your website. Such a system allows you to create and modify the content on your website yourself. While you will probably want a professional designer to create your website, unless it is built upon a CMS, you won’t be able to easily change it. In fact, if your designer disappears or is uncooperative, you may never gain access to your website again. Believe me, it happens all too often.

With a CMS as the backbone, you have full access to all aspects of your website and can make changes yourself or easily turn them over to another designer if desired. The bottom line is you gain complete control with a CMS versus zero control without. Needless to say, all websites hosted an WP Thunder are based on a CMS, the very best one at that – WordPress.


There are other Content Management Systems (CMS) out there – some as software, some as hosted platforms. None are the equal of WordPress. WordPress is open source, which means it is constantly improving and will never stop being maintained or even worse disappear.

WordPress is also the most popular CMS and blogging platform. That makes it feature packed. There is virtually nothing you can’t do with it. With so many advantages, there is no better choice than WordPress for your website. There is a plugin for virtually every need and integration with other services on the internet are a snap.


The most popular hosting services are shared hosting services and Virtual Private Servers (VPS). They are also notoriously unreliable. These servers host many websites on a single machine. If something happens to this computer, all these sites go down. Furthermore, it is not uncommon to lose data or your website when these failures happen.

In contrast, WP Thunder is built upon cloud servers. While the cloud is a popular buzzword that can mean anything, what it means for WP Thunder customers is something very specific. It is a form of computing resources that are not isolated to a single machine. With us, your website is spread out and duplicated on multiple servers, each with regular backup. There is no single point of failure. If an underlying machine goes down, all the WP Thunder websites will be unaffected.

Short of a nuclear attack on our data center, your website is completely safe. Even in that unlikely event (will you even be concerned about uptime then?), your site will still be backed up in another city. How’s that for reliability? You really can’t do any better with any other hosting service.


WordPress is somewhat demanding on a server’s resources. That means that when using underpowered hosting services, your website will be slow to load. Most shared hosts put your website on the same server as hundreds of other sites. When one site gets a lot of traffic, your site slows down.

In contrast, here at WP Thunder, we use cloud resources that are scaled as demand requires. Server resources are much less loaded down, and we strive to provide the optimal server power and scale it as needed. You can be assured that your website will load very fast.


Even if you want to use one of the myriad of cheap and unreliable hosting services despite our warnings, you are still left with the hassles of managing your own WordPress installation. Sure, they have those one-click installations, but what next? How do you choose the plugins you need among the tens of thousands? How do you prevent them conflicting with each other. As great as WordPress is, plugin conflict is its bane. You really need to be a software developer to navigate this mine-filled landscape without problems.

With WP Thunder hosting, we take of this problem for you. We carefully curate and offer a broad selection of the very best of all the plugins you would likely need. We also choose plugins that are capable, but not overly complicated either. Lastly, we check them for compatibility with each other. You can then just activate the ones you need and you are done. You won’t find any unpleasant surprises now or down the road.

Plugin incompatibility is not your only problem. You must also keep your WordPress installation continually updated. Every so often, when updating, something breaks in a plugin, and your entire site goes down. Another common occurrence is your site stays up, but you can’t access the backend anymore. You then need to hire a developer to fix whatever problem the update has caused.

These kind of problems is what managed WordPress hosting will solve. Here at WP Thunder, we keep everything up to date and running smoothly for you. You just need to worry about maintaining the content of your site, not the software. Why should you worry about anything else?

Ease of Use

Another advantage of our curated and managed WordPress hosting is that we also take the complication out. Since we carefully curate the plugins available, you don’t have that hassle. You are free to concentrate on your website’s content. Part of our curation process also takes into account not only the features of the available plugins, but their ease of configuration. The trend in software has always been to keeping adding new features.

WordPress plugins are no exception. The problem is that when you are trying to configure the couple of dozen of must have plugins, you have a lot of new software to learn. Another problem with feature creep in plugins is that they often depart from their core functionality and begin to overlap with one another. We therefore choose plugins that perform only one function and perform it well.  This practice also eliminates plugin conflicts.

The bottom line, is we do everything we can to make your task easier. Maintaining the content of a website in and of itself is a lot of work. You don’t need to hassle with a lot of software as well.


In a similar vein as our discussion on reliability, security is a major concern with WordPress installations as well. Since WordPress is the most popular hosting platform for websites in the world, it is also the most popular for attacks. You really must be a security expert to protect your WordPress installation from these relentless attackers.

Here at WP Thunder, we take security very seriously. Since we have only one WordPress installation to manage, we watch it very carefully. All of our resources are devoted to making sure it stays running and is secure from all threats. Also, our cloud servers are not shared with anyone else that could lead to a compromise.


Our last point to emphasize in WP Thunder hosting is that you have flexibility. With other WordPress Multisite hosting services, you exchange security and simplicity for limitations. While our curated service does have some limitations due to it being so, we believe your options are only limited to your imagination, not your hosting service.


With all these advantages, at what cost do we bring them? For much less than you would expect. While DIY shared hosting is cheap, you also get what you pay for – cheap service and reliability. We have tried them all. Nothing compares to what we offer. You can also go the route of managed WordPress hosting, using separate installations for each website. These are prone to the same speed and reliability issues that share hosting offers. They are also very expensive, costing anywhere from $30 to hundreds of dollars per month.

Hosting at WP Thunder starts at $0/mon for basic hosting and maxes out at only $18/mon for business hosting, which includes a free store/shopping cart. You can save even more by paying quarterly or annually.

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